Low salaries, poor benefits, late hours, and instability have long plagued the hotel business, which has been exacerbated by high health risks and harassment during the pandemic.

During the closure, Hospitality Staff were given unexpected free time to explore their interests, look for new careers, or simply rest. Many people realised they were exhausted. Let’s look at how you can hire the top hospitality personnel in the market in 2022.

Use Word-Of-Mouth To Your Advantage:

Encourage your employees to become brand ambassadors. Request that people share tales about why they enjoy working for your company on social media, or that they publish favourable survey responses on your Hospitality Jobs page or in Instagram posts.

However, keep in mind that social media is a strong instrument that can work both ways. Anything that doesn’t ring genuine can and will be pointed out by Hospitality Staff or customers, so be honest and sincere.

Interviews That Are Two-Way:

Interviews at Playa Hotels & Resorts are as much about what a candidate wants in a job as they are about qualifications.

Hospitality industry wants employees to stay with us for a long period. They don’t want you to arrive unhappily or disengaged, so we want you to know exactly what to expect on a daily basis.

Interviews are frequently one-sided: does the candidate possess the necessary skills, attitude, and experience? Employers rarely stop to ask candidates what they want in a workplace, especially in the hospitality business.

Experiment with No Tipping:

Although eliminating gratuities may be a contentious concept for some, there are numerous successful examples of restaurants that have done so. Restaurants can lessen conflicts between the back and front-of-house personnel and encourage better equality in the workplace by eliminating a tipping culture.

In a different case, Peter Simpson, the owner of a restaurant, discovered that the new no-tipping policy resulted in increased employee retention and hiring.

Adjust Your Schedule As Needed:

The hospitality business has always been mainly shift-based, from restaurants to retail. Late hours and last-minute scheduling, on the other hand, can make Hospitality Staff feel just as stuck as regular 9-to-5ers, especially when an emergency arises. Many businesses have a flexible absence policy in place to combat this.

It’s possible you’re not feeling well, or it’s possible your child isn’t feeling well. It’s possible that your cousin unexpectedly arrived from Kalamazoo, and you need to spend time with them. They give you a bank of attendance points and don’t inquire why you’re absent. It’s not necessary for you to justify it.

Women Should Be Given More Attention:

When working full-time, women face a particular set of challenges. They’re frequently mothers who are attempting to strike a balance between Hospitality Jobs and life. Many businesses were founded by women. We began with mothers, offering 100 percent salary for 12 weeks of maternity leave. That’s unheard of in the retail sector.

Many companies have also introduced a women’s leadership programme, as well as domestic abuse training for supervisors to spot the indicators that someone may require assistance.

Make It Personal:

Employee engagement begins before employees are even hired. Onboarding at Playa comprises discussions with personnel from various departments so that new hires feel like they’re already a part of the team before they start.

After recruiting, Playa continues to personalise the way it recognises and rewards its employees.


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