Kitchen porters are the backbone; the success of a kitchen and the efficiency of the chef somewhat depends on the expertise of the kitchen porters. If you are aspired to begin your culinary career, then you can start with the entry-level kitchen porter jobs. Since it’s an entry level job, you don’t have to worry about past experience. Additionally, kitchen porters are responsible for handing too many tasks, so it would be a great opportunity to learn so many things and strengthen your career. 

What does a kitchen porter do? 

A porter ensures that the work at a professional kitchen runs smoothly. The basic tasks that are dedicated to the kitchen porters are:

  • Assistance with food preparation
  • Inventory management
  • Cleaning the dishes, cookware
  • Mopping and sweeping the kitchen
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of the kitchen equipment

What do you need to know to become a kitchen porter? 

Just because it is an entry-level job, doesn’t mean it would be an easy ride to enter into a professional kitchen. To attract the recruiters at a kitchen porter agency in London, you can follow the steps discussed below:

  • Good resume: Resume for an entry level job might not be filled with so much work experience, but keep your resume updated to let the recruiters know that you are a good candidate. Adding every detail about the relevant experiences in the resume would give you a competitive edge over other candidates. 
  • Industry knowledge: Right before you appear for the job interview, get yourself educated about the rules and regulations for working in a professional kitchen. You can impress the recruiter with your knowledge about food safety or regulations used in London kitchens. 
  • Kitchen porter agency: It is always a good practice to search for jobs in nearby restaurants. If there is no vacancy you can always send a cover letter to a kitchenporter agency in London. Such agencies have a wide network of professionals and usually have openings all year round.    
  • Trial shift: As part of the interview, most candidates are asked to work for a trial shift. You should be prepared to use this golden opportunity to kick start your culinary career. Showcase your communication skills, demonstrate how quickly you can learn and exhibit the responsible side of you. Be ready to help with anything and soon you will be a part of the kitchen brigade. Additionally, keep yourself calm during the interview. Your ability to handle pressure is also being judged by the recruiter.

How to prepare for the interview? 

As mentioned earlier, you need to educate yourself before the interview. Just like you are showing your eligibility through your knowledge and communication skills, make sure to dress well and impress them with your body language. You should look attentive and responsible. The easiest way to achieve that is via your dressing sense. Make sure to look polished and professional. Your attire should speak about your eligibility. It is important to feel comfortable to be yourself, but don’t forget that you are on a job interview so wear sensibly. It is suggested to wear a solid coloured t-shirt with black trousers and black shoes.

Final words 

The entry level position of kitchen porters can teach you a lot about the food service industry. If you are interested in starting your career, then get in touch with Operational Chef Consultant. It is a trusted kitchen porter agency in London.


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