Qualified Temporary Housekeeping Staff – You Need it, We Provide it

Are you looking forward to hiring temporary housekeeping staff for your hotel or an upcoming event?

The hiring process may be time-intensive. Leave this work to the professionals at Operational Chef Consultant (OCC).

With more than 25 years of experience in the recruiting industry, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional services. Our qualified team is always on the move looking for talented experts in the housekeeping field across the UK, enabling us to bring you highly-experienced talent capable of meeting your complex needs.

Rest assured when you hire temp housekeeping candidates from us because we bring you only the best. 

It is our values that drive us.  

  • OCC is a well-established, bespoke temporary housekeeping job agency that strives for professionalism, commitment and honesty.
  • As an independent company, we are capable of offering flexible services.
  • We don’t operate on a commission basis, meaning we aren’t under pressure to meet cut corners, meet targets or rush the candidate or clients through the recruitment process.
  • Our proven track record is a token of our success in the industry!

Here are more reasons to choose OCC – 

We bring you the best 

We focus on sourcing high-calibre staff. You can easily scan through our huge database of registered candidates.

This way you can select those who truly qualify as per your industry niche and requirement. 

We streamline and power up hiring

At OCC, we understand that hiring new talent is never easy. Besides, there are a lot of moving parts involved in the process.

Hence, a temporary housekeeping job agency takes full responsibility of hiring for you.

We streamline things for you, preventing you from listing jobs, arranging interviews, shortlisting, training and so on. 

We are just a call away

For the team at OCC, building a lasting relationship with both the clients and candidates matters the most.

No matter what query you have in regard to the hiring or staffing process, we are ever ready to answer them.

Similarly, if you are a candidate and have special requests, let us know. We shall accommodate you accordingly. 

Get tailored and custom services as per your business needs

The housekeeping requirements of every client are different. We at OCC know it very well.

Hence, we assign you an expert who digs deeper into comprehending your requirements. Let us know what you are looking for. We will deliver you the same too.

And don’t worry; we do conduct relevant background checks and only put forward candidates who seamlessly match your needs. 

Get competitive pricing

Do you believe that working with a temporary housekeeping agency will cost you a fortune?

Well, put an end to that perception because OCC is known among its clients for sourcing both permanent and temp housekeeping staff at the most affordable rates.

We provide competitive agency fees and work out of consultation hours to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

Partner with us today!

With OCC at your disposal, you no longer require struggling to hire a temporary housekeeping staff. We make things easy for you.

Partner with our firm to make the hiring process a profitable venture!