An average-sized restaurant employs around 50 team members. For a smooth running of the business, it is important that every individual of the restaurant staff works in sync with each other and showcases the utmost standards of professionalism. Hiring a large team of qualified professionals is a challenging task until you connect with us. Operational Chef Consultant is a widely trusted hospitality agency in London that solves all your staffing worries.

Kitchen staff

The kitchen plays a crucial role in increasing profit in the hospitality sector. To immerse your guests in the dining experience, all you need is a team of trained and highly skilled kitchen staff.  From kitchen setup to meal presentation and cleaning duties everything can be handled by our experts. The efficient candidates that will become a part of your team undergo a series of tests and screening which involves capabilities like dependability, stamina, willpower, customer service and collaboration.

Back of house staff

The success of a restaurant actually lies in the action-packed behind-the-scenes that are never realized by the customers. For smooth and effective operations, it is very important to hire the most talented individuals. We specialize in providing qualified and sophisticated back of house restaurant staff. To ensure that your diners keep coming back, get in touch with us. We offer temporary and contractual back of house staff who are trained to prepare the kitchen checklists and efficiently manage the inventory, food waste and collaborations.

Front of house staff

Operational Chef consultant has become a highly-rated hospitality agency helping clients from across the UK. We promise the most positive customer experience as our team members are formally trained for collaborative performance. Owing to their skills and profound training, we ensure the most attentive and cooperative front of house staff.

Why choose us?

We are a widely recognized hospitality agency that leaves no stone unturned to meet and exceed the client expectations. You can count on us for all your restaurant staff needs.

  • Competitive price bands

  • Insurance covered for temp staff

  • Full background check and detailed screening of employees

  • Extensive guarantee period 

  • Excellence is promised

Want to accomplish your hospitality ideas with finesse but can’t find the most talented individuals? Let us help you to create a dream team. We have a wide range of diversified solutions for restaurant staff available on a contractual and temporary basis. Connect with us and discuss your staffing needs to embark on the journey of success.