Whether it is an event at the house or the festive season’s need, hospitality staff has a constant demand in the market. Many candidates can immediately take advantage of such opportunities if they know them. The consultant agencies play the role of the middleman connecting candidates with opportunities.

These consultant agencies have a proper system in place. The team at the agency looks for candidates, or you can apply to join them for hospitality jobs. Recruiters follow up with the interview rounds and have the legal and background check done. Once they know you’re ready, they assign roles.

The events recruitment agency makes a very tough job simple quickly for both the candidate and the event host. Understanding their process, work allotments, and payment methods make working for them comfortable. Therefore one must ask the following questions before joining the team.

What points should you focus on while joining the agencies? 

  1. How will the work be allotted?

There is a general procedure that most agencies follow. Understand this process through which the jobs will be allotted to you. Enquire about the criteria agency consider and the code they follow to make the appointment convenient for both parties involved. See if your requirements fit into it. It is necessary to ensure that the agency considers the convenience of both the host and the candidate equally important.

  1. What kind of work will be given?

Go with an agency that puts effort into getting you a suitable opportunity for work. See if the agency only provides the work in season or maximum demand or maintains a consistent flow throughout the year. Some agencies might contact you only when they receive an inquiry for hospitality staff, but others will look for opportunities to provide you with a job.

  1. How will the payments be made?

Ensure that payments will be made weekly or hourly. See how and when they pay for the hourly jobs or check on the candidates with permanent employment. It is crucial to understand their process of paying out before joining.

  1. What is the process of intimation about available opportunities?

Ask about how the agency communicates with candidates and resolves the issues at work. Most agencies have account managers who inform the candidates about suitable hospitality jobs and know if they will be comfortable working. Sometimes, they also use the facility of emails or messages to update the candidates about opportunities. Agencies provide the manager’s contact number for issues at the workplace or request a change in case of an unsuitable job.

  1. Will transport and accommodation facilities be available?

This point also needs to be clear before taking any job from the agency. If the opportunity needs you to relocate, ensure the transportation and accommodation facilities the host will be arranging. Prefer the events recruitment agency where the clients make such arrangements for candidates even for the short term. Sometimes candidate also has to pay a minimal part of the expense.

Concluding note:

These are essential points a candidate must enquire before joining the agency services. Fortunately, Operational Chef Consultants are aware of these facts and prefer to care equally for candidates registered with them. They try to match them up with the most suitable opportunity where they will enjoy the work and will be able to provide efficient service.


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